Rabbiting On

rabbit-fillet-with-polenta-1I'm getting fed up of the charmless new Peter Rabbit cartoons Noah and Maya are obsessed with on television, so I'm striking back, triumphing where Mr McGregor and Mr Todd failed. I'm cooking the things and feeding them to the children. See how they like that.Rabbit is not the easiest thing to buy in England, but your butcher should be able to get some. It's a shame the supermarkets don't really sell it, but I hope that will change. My favourite way to cook it has always been slowly, in a stew with vegetables and white wine and served with plenty of mustard. Really comforting and tasty.This is a tasty and comforting dish in its own right too. I love the creamy, butteryness of polenta and the capers and mustard cut nicely through the richness. The loin cooks in minutes making this a pretty speedy meal for rabbit lovers big and small. I didn't tell the children after all...Ingredients for two100g polenta. I like Bartolini instant350ml  water3tbsp butterSalt to seasonFor the sauce1tsp veal glace (if you don't have this, use 1/2 a beef stock cube or a tbsp beef stock concentrate)1tbsp capers1tsp Dijon mustard ( Il n'y a que Maille qui m'aille)150ml waterFor the rabbit4 rabbit loin fillets4tbsp coconut flour (use wheat if you prefer)1tbsp powdered, dried mushroomsOlive oil for fryingA few handfuls of pea shootsMethodGently cook the polenta in the water, butter and oil, stirring often and checking the seasoning. You may need to add more water and butter if you see fit. It should end up smooth and rich. Keep warm while you make the sauce and the rabbit.Dust the rabbit loins in the flour and mushroom powder then fry in hot oil for two minutes each side. Set aside and let rest for five minutes.Make the sauce by pouring the ingredients into the rabbit pan, stirring while it comes to the boil. Serve by putting the polenta in bowls, topping with the rabbit and sauce and then adding the pea shoots and a pinch of chilli flakes.