Sweet mango, lime and chilli

mango and chilliIt’s August here in London, the height of summer. Looking out of the window, the unrelenting monsoon makes me wonder if it will ever get light.Instead of turning to slow cooked, rich dishes more suited to this weather, I’m sticking two fingers up at it and dreaming of sunshine.Fruit at its ripest and sweetest is heavenly. A peach, juices on your chin, sticky fingers. A nectarine, nectar. Strawberries at the height of the summer season. They need no accompaniment. And I would say the same for Mango, especially the Alphonse variety. But there is something amazing that happens when you add lime juice and chilli. It cuts through the sweetness perfectly and has a warm tingle at the end. If the summer isn’t what it should be, eat this, close your eyes and imagine.Ingredients1 seriously ripe mango per person1 lime per personA sprinkle of chilli flakes or chilli powder. You can also add sliced red chilli if you’re feeling braveMethodCouldn’t be easier. Slice your mango, squeeze your lime and sprinkle with chilli.