Cauliflower pickle

After making cauliflower cheese for the children the other day, I was loathe to waste the stem so here's a really easy to make cauliflower pickle that uses it. Spicy and laced with chilli and turmeric it's really moreish and good for you.Forget its bad school lunch reputation and enjoy the crunch and flavour alongside a curry or, as I do more often than not, as a snack straight from the jar.Ingredients:1 large leftover cauliflower stem, chopped into small pieces2 bay leaves8 peppercorns8 cardamom pods6 cloves1tbsp turmeric powder1tsp each of ground cumin, coriander and fennel seed250ml water125ml raw cider vinegar75g coconut sugarMethod 1. Chop the stem into small pieces and pack into a sterilised kilner jar, or similar.2. Bring the remaining ingredients to the boil in a saucepan and leave to cool to room temperature.3. Pour into the jar, seal and store in the fridge for one week, after which it will be ready to eat.