Say Cheese

When I was at art college back in the last century and life was in black and white, we'd often indulge in haloumi kebabs after a night out. That was the first time I'd had this squeaky cheese, and fresh from the charcoal grill with hot chilli sauce I was hooked.

These days, having children means I don't really remember what going out is. And with life far more civilised, I make my own kebabs and roast my haloumi. How grown up I must seem.

Being a solid cheese, it holds its shape really well when cooked. And it takes up other flavours so well, making it ideal to wrap up with garlic, rosemary, lemons and the like. Here, I've used limes, caper and anchovy to give it a real punch and some sweet fresh snow peas and radish to cut through.

After about half an hour, you'll have a delicious lunch with almost no effort. Great with some toast and a cold glass of something fizzy.

Ingredients: 1 halloumi block 1tbsp capers 1tsp chilli flakes 1 anchovy fillet (replace with black olives if you prefer) 1 lime, quartered 2tsp dry thyme Olive oil

Method: Heat the oven to 180c. Wrap the cheese in  paper with the limes and garlic underneath and everything else on top. Fold over and wrap in foil. Cook for about 25-30 minutes, remove from the oven and serve with bread, olive oil and crudites.

Ail Be Back

I seem to be roasting rather a lot at the moment. Maybe it's down to this peculiar summer we're having or perhaps in a counter-intuitive way because I'm busy.

As I've mentioned before, letting the oven take care of things is a great way to cook if you need to be getting on with life.

I'm not suggesting here that you just eat a load of garlic for supper (although just spread on good bread it makes a pretty good snack) but it can be part of a good spread of charcuterie and salad if you're after something light.

I clearly remember the first time I had a whole bulb of roast garlic. At a pub called The George in Alfriston, West Sussex (one of our favourite villages) back when we were footloose and fancy-free. Angels sang, light poured from the heavens and I was enlightened. I've used fresh garlic here, as it's now bursting forth everywhere. It's mellower and milder than the winter stuff but equally interchangeable and delicious in this recipe if you don't have any.

Just get a load of garlic, wrap in foil with some thyme and rosemary, drizzle with olive oil and roast for about and hour at 160c. So simple, and the kitchen will smell amazing.